There are certain size categories where more size doesn’t necessarily equal better.  Generally a 2400 sq.ft. home all the way up to about a 2800 sq.ft. home doesn’t have a lot of major differences.  They’re pretty much all four bedrooms, with living and dining, then kitchen and family room.  Once you start hitting 3000 sq.ft., you start seeing an extra den on the main floor, or maybe a 3rd full bathroom.  And THAT can feel different.  Same with homes in the 1600-1800 sq.ft. range.  Not very much difference.  But going from 1200 to 1400 square feet?  It’s like a whole other world just opened up!

Anyway, one of today’s homes is a big daddy at 4000+ sq.ft.  But do most buyers really NEED that instead of 3000-3500 sq.ft.?  I wonder…

Anyway, in today’s episode I’ll talk about an area in “new Milton” that has encountered a lot of problems with roof replacement, the REAL impact on your monthly costs when you have a tenant in the basement, and the Chuck Pick of the Day ™ is a wonderful 3400+ sq.ft. house with a pool, backing onto a ravine.  And in my opinion, priced very well.  Enjoy!

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