The first home in today’s list brings up a very fascinating dilemma.  How would you price your home if you were faced with this set of data…  One HUGE recent sale, plus another strong sale before that… but ALL of the other historical sales indicate $10-20k lower prices.  Do you price high, low, or in the middle?

Some home sellers believe market value is a rock solid number, and sometimes it is.  But more often than not, we see worse homes selling for more money, and good homes selling for less, and it’s up to us to help figure out a strategy to get the best price for the client.  I’ve spent hours going over research to try to give clients a tiny edge, or to formulate an argument as to why a home is worth what we’re asking.  It’s an art, and like most things in life, a little bit more effort can mean huge financial benefit to a seller.

Either way, it will be an interesting one to watch, because it’s either going to solidify a new benchmark with a sale over asking, or it will return the numbers back to a more conservative range.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on it.  A few good double garage homes in today’s list, and the triplets on Farmstead don’t do anything for me.  And if you need seven or more bedrooms for less than $700k, check out Dolby.  Enjoy!


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