Is it better to buy a home that’s move-in ready, with everything done? Or what if you could buy a similar-sized home for nearly $100k less and do the work yourself? Maybe you get a home with SOME upgrading, but you still tweak it…

It’s not as simple as writing a cheque… there’s quite a bit of time to research, price shop and plan a renovation project… but in today’s episode we’ll look at three homes all around 2000-2100 square feet, set at different price points in the $600’s.

There’s a townhouse in a convenient location for a great price at $315k, and a detached home in the mid-$300’s, too. We don’t see either one very often.

And I have another “Back to the Future” moment as I find a house I sold years ago back on the market… it’s a lot of fun to see changes that have happened in houses. My home looks nothing like the original version that we purchased from the first owners.

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