Sometimes I look at listings and think, “Boy, if I could change some of those things, those sellers would be in such a better place”.

They would also make a lot more money. Declutter for dollars!

And as I mentioned in today’s video, only 1 in 3 homes are selling per month. Which means you need to decide if you will single-handedly WIN position #1, or whether you become carry-over to the second month, where another listing will replace the sold one, and you’re in another 33% situation.

My favourite listing of the day is the condo townhouse on Childs. From the high ceilings to the parking, to the inground pool and surroundings, it’s one of my favourite condo townhouse developments in Milton.

Andrews Trail is an example of “fair” pricing… but even that isn’t guaranteeing a sale in this kind of market. Either way, I think it compares well to places like 707 Hutchinson and Van Fleet, even though it doesn’t “bake” onto a ravine.

And to round out my “best picks” of the day, 876 Ferguson is probably $100k less than its peak price, and I think the combination of the 2000+ square foot layout, great school district, and clean finishes, make this excellent value for the money. No holding back on offers either.

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