It’s a great day here at Milton Daily Homes.  One of the things I mention in today’s video is the concept of dangerous pricing.  The most dangerous thing right now is over-listing a house above market value.  But the next most dangerous thing is listing too low.  Sometimes it can work to your favour, especially if there’s not a lot of supply and you look good inside… but if the right circumstances aren’t there, you may have just left money on the table by listing too low.  A good agent will show you how to price by looking at the sales, but also your competition.

Anyways, some really strong deals in this list, it’s definitely one to watch.  And if that’s not enough reason, we’ll talk about power of sale and bank owned properties and what you should know, plus the two things you can’t change when you buy a house and how that should impact your buying choice, and we’ve got one of my favourite rural properties with a great looking home on 17 acres for under $900k.  Woo-hah!

Oh, one last thing… we just listed this house – 696 Edwards – and it’s priced to SELL at $349,800.  Needs a little touch up, but it’s priced below any Mattamy home you can find with three washrooms.  It won’t last long, and you are literally the first to hear about it.

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