I have to wonder how many people look at the stove on Clark and cross it off the list… although everything else is lovely about the kitchen, buyers are looking for every excuse NOT to buy your house.  I know it’s not always possible for a variety of reasons, but getting a matching set of appliances is always the best way to go.

Nice 2-bed corner condo on the top floor at 1379 Costigan, and then there’s the last home… it sounds delightful.  Anyway, that’s the list – only nine today.  I’m driving a Lamborghini with a friend today, it should be tons of fun.  Cross that one off the bucket list!  🙂

Lastly, the price just dropped on 674 Edwards… 1580 sq.ft. with a massive backyard at $389,800.  I think it’s the best deal in the whole price range… it’s almost like getting the yard for free!

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