You’ll notice that today’s feature video is our new listing at 659 Speyer Circle.  Here’s all the details.  It’s a super duper option for a first-time buyer for only $469,900.

The home on Johnson Heights is an interesting one.  It’s a Westgate Corner by Mattamy, 1717 square feet.  Versions of this model have recently sold for high-$600’s.  This one is not very “fancy” inside with tons of upgrades, but I would still expect it to sell for more than the $589k asking price.  Offers are happening tonight, let’s see if I’m right!

As far as being a little high, I feel like the 1600 square feet without a finished basement on Tyrone seems pretty high.  McGinnis gives you more than 200 square feet extra plus a finished basement for $699k.

The epidemic of poor quality photos continues on Bronte, Yates, Kincardine and Boughton.  Just because it’s a hot market doesn’t mean that every property sells.  And just because it gets sold doesn’t mean you MAXIMIZED your results.  Good photos always matter.