It’s another quick episode with only six properties. Quality, not quantity, right? Except when it comes to cupcakes… then it’s all about quantity.

573 Speyer is one of the best deals we’ve seen in a while for a Village Townhouse. And if you prefer a home with a backyard and a finished basement, you’ll probably pay $100k more on McKay.

I remember years ago that I broke the record for a Croftside model on McKay – similar finishes, exact same model – with six offers for $312,000. Nobody could believe it. Now it’s about double that. When Mattamy first offered these homes for sale by Trudeau Park, you could scoop them for about $150,000.

Also in today’s episode, I’ll talk about why I’m not a big fan of a really popular floor plan: Fieldgate’s Chester model. They usually sell very well, so it’s quite possible I’m in the minority on this one.

And please… agents… no more “boasting”. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

Do you really believe that your lovely listing “talks with excessive pride and self-satisfaction about its achievements, possessions, or abilities”?