In today’s video, I’ll explain the biggest mistake I see buyers making in 2014, and what you can do about it.

Plus, there are three units in the new Ambassador building.  The photos kind of make it look like a jail, don’t you think?  For the quality of the building and a nice-sized unit, there’s no better condo right now than our listing at 383 Main (aka the GreenLife downtown).  Here’s a link to the video, plus there’s a link to 20 reasons why someone would choose GreenLife.  If you want to see it, just give me a call at 905-693-9346.

Finally, one of the best picks of the day is Wrigglesworth.  It crushes the same model for sale for $100k more.  3300 square feet plus greenspace and pond behind at $749k… and NICE, with a basement on top (see what I mean in the video).  That’s a killer deal, and it might sell in competition.