Today we’ve got a special treat.  At the start of today’s episode, I’ll define a “buyers” market and a “sellers” market, and give you some thoughts about each one.  There’s a lot more to it, but just like we talked about yesterday, thinking like a  buyer and analyzing your competition and where to position yourself will give you the highest chance of success.  Buyers are ruthlessly searching for the best value… and when you have 100 competitors within a $60k range, you need to be pin-point precise with your price and how you prepare your home.

Anyway, there’s 9 homes today… most are “out” but I like a few of them.  Have fun!

Oh and I think one of the best deals for a double garage home is 222 Dixon.  More than 2300 sq.ft., a wide and deep yard, facing a forest, with hardwood and granite in the kitchen for only $518k.  What a great home, and it’s in a very solid school district, walking distance to the movie theatre, Go train, restaurants, the library and lots more!

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