Be sure to join us for the Buyer Class on Saturday – I’ll give you some details at the start of the video.

When does it make sense to buy a “condo”? Why are maintenance fees always given such a bad reputation? And what offers the best monthly value – a condo or a freehold home without any fees? We’ll cover all those questions when we see the home on Bronte.

Then it’s on to brick versus siding, plus a battle of two Dorset Park homes priced almost $200,000 apart, and a home with WAY too many pot lights. It looks like a starry night in there!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? Kevin James once said, “Thanksgiving – not a good day to be my pants.” That pretty much sums it up.

Last thing before we go – there’s a new article on the blog about selling now or selling later. It’s also good advice for buyers. Join the debate!

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