Could that be a ghost in one of today’s homes?  Watch this creeeeeeepy episode to find out!  Plus, for the first time in a while we have TWO guest stars, one of whom will explain why dark floors are better.  My favourite deal of the day is the first property – a semi-detached on Pettigrew that’s priced about $25k less than the SAME exact floor plan that sold nearly a year ago, just a few doors down.

You can check the listings in the links down below for real-time updates when the photos are loaded… and finally if you have a finished basement, it’s far more effective to show than to tell someone.  It’s a good idea to include at least ONE photo of a very valuable asset, even if it means you cut the shot of the guest room.

Also, you are welcome to join us for the Milton Buyer Class this Saturday… more information plus registration is over on the right hand side of the site.  Cheers!

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