Today we’ve got two properties, both rural.  I like both of them, but they’re very different homes.  The first one is on five acres, with a triple garage plus 10 horse stalls, all for $650k.  You’re a little further north, just a few minutes from Rockwood… so that affects the value.  Each Sideroad you pass – 5, 10, 15, 20… the values adjust a little downward.

And the second one is a huge house, oozing with character, on 10 acres of land.  I bet most people will walk in and see some work that needs to be done – the windows, washrooms and perhaps the kitchen – but I see bucketloads of opportunity with the layout and the land is great.  There’s a stream that runs through it, and at least part of the property is in the Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC) protected zone.  It’s much closer to Milton and the highway than the first one.