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I just can’t help it. Milton Daily Homes brings out my jazz hands, and if you want to do jazz hands too there’s a tutorial at the end of today’s episode. Double Dream Hands! In fact … send me your best jazz hands and I’ll post the winner on next Monday’s episode!

And onward to the properties we reviewed… Millside is a great example of how the price goes higher the higher you go up in the building. And I’ll give you the details on Mattamy Village Towns (McJannett) vs. Main Living Towns (Hampshire Way). Both are three-storey style, but with distinct value differences.

The Fieldgate semi-detached on Vaughan is going to do well … it looks really nice. Moreau Lane has been hanging around for a bit, but I think it’s a wonderful concept… all of the homes face a park. The yards are smaller, but the idea was that it would be a community and a gathering place. And I think some of them are close to the next generation of kids now that they’re nearing the 10-year mark.

And we’ll give you an example of how NOT to stage and photograph your home. A little effort can go a long way. And you’re really getting two living spaces on Kingsleigh (listing here), but make sure you check the status of NHS (Natural Heritage System) zoning through the town and the Region of Halton if you have any plans of re-developing (or even just building a garage).

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