Even though I mention in the episode that the market will do funny things, I predicted something that came true today. Dempsey dropped under a million, and was promptly sold for OVER a million, reported earlier today.

Funny how a few hours makes a big difference. It was a gorgeous house. Having a better backyard/pond connection may have even made that ship sail a little faster.

Plus, the three-storey townhouses on Hampshire Way have some distinct advantages over the Mattamy Village Towns. The location is much closer to the highway, and the nine-foot ceilings and higher standard upgrades like granite counters are much more impressive, but there are some extra fees for garbage and snow removal that will increase your costs. The one in today’s list should sell for much more than it’s listed.

Hasselfeldt and Patterson are both very good picks in the under-$500k range, and even though Minchin is a little smaller, I’m pretty sure it will get a buyer at $625k. Challinor, Brothers and Broadway are also likely to go higher.

It’s that kind of day… everything looks like a good deal (relatively speaking of course), but everything except Minchin is holding back for a few days.

Oh, and no episode yesterday, because there were no listings. It was the strangest thing.

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