Knowledge and Learning

Marketing has always fascinated me.

It’s become a real passion of mine.  In October, I’ve been invited to speak to some of the Top Realtors in North America about some of our best marketing secrets.

But it’s about more than real estate.

Marketing is a life skill.  We use it every single day, whether we are a stay-at-home mom, a teacher, or a real estate professional.

If you don’t believe me, consider this… let’s look more closely at what marketing really is. It might be defined this way:

A process that includes communication seeking a specific result. It always involves selling oneself.

If you accept this definition, some of the crucially important potential examples of direct marketing would include:

–  A resume that attracts job offers from employers

– A speech about any topic. A speaker is always marketing two things: (1) himself/herself, and (2) his/her ideas

– A communication with a prospective employer when seeking a job. This could be
delivered in a letter or in person

– A letter to a university when applying for acceptance

– An apology to a friend

– A love letter or talk with a romantic partner

– A letter to a relative with the goal of re-establishing a broken relationship

– A letter of heart-felt appreciation to a parent or loved one

– A proposal to publishers to get a book published

– A letter to a former customer in an attempt to win them back

– A letter to a creditor such as a mortgage or credit card company asking for more time to pay an outstanding debt

Please notice that everything you write, speak or absorb is a form of marketing.  You could even argue that marketing is a huge part of communication skills.

That’s one of the reasons I love it.  I feel like learning about (and teaching) marketing allows me to deliver my message better, to speak my authentic truth, and to save people from situations that aren’t in their best interests.  It adds value to the world, it saves time and energy for everyone, and it’s constantly changing, which means I’ll never be completely done with it.  I have no doubt that marketing will be a life-long passion as long as I’m around.