Knowledge and Learning

Is what you’re currently doing a job, a career, or a calling?

If it’s a job, it’s probably going to be difficult to spend the time, energy and effort needed to nurture relationships.  At the job level you’re in survival mode, and all you’re focused on is finding the next transaction to pay your bills.  You are not as concerned about the needs of others, they are considered more of a means to an end.

If it’s a career, you start to see the lifetime value of everything.  You understand that the way you deal with this person is going to reflect on the business in the long term.  People are going to be connected to you forever because of the people they refer.

It’s the switch from “me” focus, to “you” focus.  Mostly by this point, the systems are in place and there is a level of stability in the position.  Income is regular and comfortable.

On the other hand, if it’s a calling, there is a level of significance that’s reached.  The role is to nurture people, be present for them and care about them whether or not they choose to work with your company.

Your mindset is, “How can I serve you?  What do you need?  Can I answer a question about this?  Did you receive your monthly payment book?  Oh, you need a chiropractor?  A dentist?  I know a great one.”

You’re coming from total service instead of, “I’m here for you only if it has something to do with my industry.”  At this point you’ve moved from success to significance and your career has become a calling.

Giving to others and making the world a much better place becomes the focus.  The big picture becomes much more important to someone with a calling.

When you believe you have a calling, you attract a much higher level of relationships into your life, along with abundance in every area.

What’s your calling?  If you had all the money, love and time in the world, what would you do?  How would you change the world?

I know I’ve reached significance when I’ve made fifty people millionaires, and I’m spending my time teaching those less fortunate how to create significance.  I really love what Oprah is doing in Africa with her Future Leaders program.

That’s something to get excited about!

What’s your dream?  Why are you here?

Those are big questions… take a break this week and think about them for a few minutes.  I know I have.