Fun Stuff

I’ve been looking at doing some massive overhauls to some of our websites, and as I’ve looked around at other examples, I’m amazed at how much agents REALLY love themselves.

There’s a lot of horn blowing and self-congratulatory b.s. out there.  I can just imagine a prospective customer looking at most of these sites, “Oh great, you are a dog owner.  How does that help ME sell MY house?”

I have no doubt that there’s a time and a place to get to know each other, but let’s make sure the focus is on your needs and how we can help.

I want you to like me (and like our website) because of all the information we’re giving you.  It’s pretty obvious that we know what we’re doing if you spend more than a few minutes on the site.

However, if you’re choosing your agent strictly based on who they are, then here are:

10 Facts I Believe You Should Know About Chuck Charlton

(it’s even better when I speak of myself in the third person)

(1)  I own more than 2,000 records, CD’s and cassettes… and if I wasn’t in real estate, I would probably be a music producer.

(2)  I plan to live in a waterfront home eventually.

(3)  I never missed a single workout in 2 years in University (six days a week), and worked as a personal trainer after I was done school.  I haven’t set foot in a gym in more than a decade.

(4)  I was considered gifted in school, and came in 3rd in the province in a math competition.  They gave me a nice calculator, which I still own.

(5)  My first car was a 1985 Oldsmobile, baby blue.  I still dream about it.

(6)  My kids are both girls, 6 and 3, and I love them more than anything.  My grey hair is really filling in.  They are allowed to date when they are 25… maybe.

(7)  I believe in surrounding myself with people smarter than me.  My team is exceptionally talented, and I feel like I work for them more than they work for me.  We have a good time at work.  They are all women, so I am an expert about most things women usually talk about – including purses, shoes and Kardashians.  I do not wish it to be this way.

(8)  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is my favourite movie.

(9)  My wife bugs me about having dry skin on my heels.  I have no plans of fixing it.

(10)  I have a 10-year old sense of humour.  Fart jokes and dirty limericks still make me laugh.

There you have it.  Now let’s get back to talking about YOU and what you want, shall we?