Flight Over Milton

Join us for another flight over Milton, Ontario in our coldest, longest and bumpiest one yet. This time we have a special victim (ahem… I mean special guest flyer and team partner Semone Palmer.  Colin Best stayed on the ground, mostly because Chuck weighs as much as two normal-sized people.

Along the way, we’ll bring you some information about the CN Intermodal hub, the Hospital expansion, development around town including the Boyne Survey, the Derry Green Business Park and lots more. We’ll get some lovely views of the new Velodrome (just in time for the Pan Am Games in July), and we take a detour over the “brow” of the Escarpment.

If you want to take a flight like this, just call the Burlington Airpark at 905-336-4010. It’s a wonderful thing to cross off your “bucket list” and a tremendous amount of fun… just ask Semone!