Milton Price Report

Tired of Bad News?  Aren’t we all?

Here are some buoyant, POSITIVE statistics for you to consider…

73 Major North American Cities Reported Reduction in Selling Time (Days on Market) in May (Cities reporting 1000+ sales)

Someone ought to share that statistic with the Toronto Star!

Have you gotten the impression, as I have, that the news media are convinced that Canada deserves a recession and are doing their best to make it happen?

We at the Charlton Advantage refuse to cave in to that kind of thinking… and we invite you to join us in the “Cup Half FULL” Movement.

Sure, economic times experience their ups and downs, but to those of us who refuse to see the down side of things, our cups remain half FULL, no matter what others may be experiencing.

In the real estate profession, we Realtors know it is important to remember that there isn’t one market out there, there are hundreds of thousands. And the factors driving these markets vary tremendously from city to city, neighbourhood to neighbourhood, even from street to street. For every down market, there is another one that is up.

There’s no denying that the mortgage meltdown in the USA has meant tragedy for many American home owners… and its effect (primarily psychological) has trickled over into Canada, but take a look around… you’ll see there’s very positive activity in many vibrant markets throughout both countries.

You have probably noticed that in your own neighbourhood, sold signs have been popping up with regularity this spring.  While the summer months typically see somewhat slower activity, sold signs will continue to appear.

Here is another interesting statistic… 43 Cities Reported Home Prices Jumped By at Least 10% Last Month (year over year)… and that is only including cities with names starting with A and B! (I stopped counting at that point… but I think the message is clear.)

While we haven’t matched the 10% marker, we’ve seen healthy appreciation in all the GTA markets, including our town of Milton.

You can see a previous post here with some GTA stats.

Greg Gilmour, a colleague and real estate mentor to many, said this, “The real estate market is between your ears!”

Isn’t life in general a lot like that?

And if you are thinking of making move this year… we look forward to helping you to enjoy a POSITIVE result!

Please — keep the  “Cup Half FULL” movement alive by sending this to your friends, family and colleagues who feel like some good news.