Well it looks like I’ve burned another bridge in my discussion of house values in the new Viva townhouse complex.  I’ve been kinder lately to the front/back homes, but there were definitely some hurt feelings back in the day from my comments about those ones.  I just think you can get more for the same out-of-pocket cost as buying a two-bedroom townhouse with $120 in fees.  But if someone’s paying it, then that means the house is worth it.  It just won’t be my clients who pay that much.  🙂

Anyway, interesting discussion about getting MORE traffic versus MORE QUALIFIED traffic to a listing, and we’ve got a nice looking home on Robertson.  Is that neighbourhood ready for a sale in the $700’s?  Let’s see.

Don’t forget – Buyer Class.  This Saturday 12:30 pm.  Bring a Food Bank donation.  Get free guidebook.  Over 470 graduates.  Learn the steps, costs and lots more.  Don’t wait, filling up fast.

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