There’s a home on Grant Way that has something in the backyard that lights up the imagination of my inner 10-year old. It’s not a fancy video game system, but it would be hours and hours of fun. Do kids still play outside anymore?

1370 Main gets a toilet seat and photo infraction (our loyal viewers will know what that means). And when I review the sales at 100 Millside, there are some very interesting findings… which make it very difficult to predict the final sale price of this condo. However, knowing how your target market thinks and behaves can give you an edge when selling – we’ll talk more about that in the video.

Prosser and Brassard face-off in a clearly lopsided battle, and Guelph Line has been listed for more than a year without selling. Is that normal for the country? How long do rural homes take to sell? And what can we guess based on the listing history? All that plus more in your favourite real estate show!

Strange day-after update:  Looks like Guelph Line just came out AGAIN the day after this episode for $484,900.  That should definitely help grease the wheels!

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