According to a firm in Toronto, today is the cheapest day of the year to buy real estate.  Here’s the article.  I’m not sure what I think about this.  Everywhere I look, properties are cracking 2014 thresholds, and selling for more than I’ve ever seen.  It’s a jungle out there, literally.  The market is incredibly active, and today we’ve got a very interesting list.

Two starter range condos just above $250k start us off, and the lowest priced townhouse without condo fees for $349k.  The photos look more like a colouring book than a proper photo gallery!

Then we have a double garage house with hardwood on both levels, a deep 150-foot lot and a pool. But the location… well, see for yourself.  It’s well-priced at $539k, and it has an indoor hot tub.  Imagine the party possibilities!

Plus… this is by far the most interesting one in the list… a legal duplex with a basement apartment on one of Milton’s most desirable streets in the downtown core.  Investors might really like this one.