One of today’s homes decided to open up their garage and turn it into more living space. The result looks pretty good to me. Although where do they hide all of the toolboxes, kids’ stuff, golf clubs and various nonsense that I can’t seem to find space for in my own garage?

Plus, we have a nice looking Village Townhouse aiming high on the price side, and easily the pick of the day is a three-bedroom detached home on Donnelly with a finished basement… for $495k. Finding ANYTHING detached under $500k is very difficult in ANY area of Milton right now. So for the same price as a townhouse, this one definitely stands out.

Finally, at the end of the video I mentioned how we’re looking very hard for a condo in the Greenlife east or west buildings. Two very serious buyers… so if you’re speaking with someone who lives there, please let them know that we’re looking, and give us a call right away. Thanks!

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