Trudeau is definitely one of the most tempting homes in the list today. A detached home under $650k? That’s the same price as a townhouse (or less)!

My experience when selling these smaller detached homes is that you need MORE showings to get the job done. On paper, it’s attractive, but a small detached home FEELS much smaller than the townhouses and semis in the same range. Normally it takes about 10-15 showings to get an offer, but these homes typically attract a good amount of showings in a shorter time, and might require an average of 20 showings before somebody makes an offer.

There are two homes on Hobbs, right across the street from each other in the list… so if you want to live close to a friend or relative, here’s your chance! One will get a larger house, one will get a pond behind.

There are a few “no way” listings that probably won’t sell, some good layouts in the upper range (especially Switzer), and BY FAR the best listing for the day is the 1419 Costigan condo. At $356 per square foot when most units are $400+ in worse buildings, this one is the best one I’ve seen so far this month!

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