Some interesting news in real estate… the Oakville-Milton Real Estate Board (OMDREB) and the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) have overlapping districts in Milton and Oakville.  These are the two TRUE MLS systems where the source material is found.  Up until now, they have shared data in between the two boards.  And it’s been great.  In fact, we use the TREB system to deliver your Milton Daily Homes information to you.

However, the sharing will no longer exist in a few days.  Why?  To be honest, it’s silly politics.  Mississauga is fine, Guelph is fine, Toronto is fine… it’s just Milton and Oakville that get hosed.  In fact, agents and their clients get the worst of it.  So here’s the deal:  public sites should still get most of the information, because as long as it’s on one of TREB or OMDREB, it should migrate over.  But when we’re doing research on properties, we now need BOTH systems, with separate data on each.  We need to set clients up on two different emails to make sure they get all of the information about homes for sale.  And I might need to set up MDH differently to display these homes.  It’s going to be a big mess.  You’d think in the year 2013, this kind of stuff wouldn’t happen, but there are some clueless people running things, clinging to the past.  Anyway, hang in there!  We’ll do the best we can.

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