A lot of people were upset that I took last week’s episode off for being sick and for my course. And I wasn’t able to talk about “Porch Man” on Savoline.

He’s apparently an Internet phenomenon, and I’m sorry I missed it. But we get a Round Two, because for whatever reason they didn’t sell on offer night, and the property has been re-listed for a higher price.

As a listing agent, it’s our job to determine the exact reasons why a home is selling (or not selling). We SHOULD be looking at feedback from showings (most agents don’t ask for it by the way), Internet traffic, activity with other homes (including calling other listing agents and interacting), and making sure the marketing and photos are the best they can be.

In an “A” market like the one we’ve been in, we see that a lack of effort is sometimes rewarded. But it won’t always be that way. I remember “B” and “C” markets, and I know how to sell a home in those markets, which helps us even more in an “A” market.

But I think a lot of agents are going to be in for a big surprise when things change. And they will. They always do. I don’t know when, but real estate markets move in cycles.

So the point is… everything matters. Including the listing description. That’s an under-appreciated part of the listing. But the goal is to target your audience, and highlight the BEST things about the home that would make someone buy it.

Sounds simple, but most agents don’t do it. They speak in generalities about “close to schools and shopping”, or they use puffery like “Don’t wait! Why rent when you can buy?”

I believe most consumers in 2016 are smarter than that.

Don’t miss the Photo of the Day ™, which is a wall. Yup, just a wall. If you stare at it long enough, you’ll reach a state of rapture and bliss that many strive their whole lives to achieve. Or maybe not. Maybe it really is “just a wall”. 🙂

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