We’re calling todays episode the Eye Candy Episode. There’s a handful of homes that will make you do a double take, and let’s see if you find a few of them too sweet or just right for your palate… stay tuned!

There’s a trustee sale on Brock that is similar but different than a bank sale in process… and they’re not always the great deals that people imagine them to be.

And the large bungalow on a huge lot on Caves is something that comes along as often as Bigfoot Riding a Unicorn… and that’s pretty rare! Easily the Pick of the Day ™ because it’s something you don’t see more than once a year.

Leitch should benefit from the multiple offers that went in on McJannett last night, and Galbraith has made some pretty bold design choices. For the right person, it could be perfect, but I think when you venture too far along the “creative” boundaries in real estate, it can affect the number of buyers who could picture themselves in the house. The sweetness really begins with Melanson, Sixth Line, and McNiven in the upper range.

Oh, and if you are looking for a home with two entrances to the basement (including one directly from the garage) then take a look at Turner.

So let us know — did you find anything “sweet” that you’d like to see in today’s list?

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