Sorry for the weird laugh… I’m just really excited about this new listing we’ve got coming out on Tuesday for $450k (featured in Wednesday’s episode).  Here’s the link to the photos if you want a sneak peek.

We have some time on Saturday if you are interested in any of the homes features, or if Starbucks sounds like fun.  I would definitely suggest checking out Shortreed – it’s a zinger, and without a doubt the Chuck Pick of the Day.  The sleeper, which doesn’t look mind-blowing, but otherwise very solid and good value is the one on Swindale at the end.  Check out the virtual tour.  At just $576k, it’s positioned very well.

Enjoy your weekend, and we’ll be back on Monday!  Check out Teen Wolf if you are hooked up to the movie channels today.  A classic!  🙂

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