At the start of today’s video, I point out the plans for the Tremaine highway exit, brought to my attention by Zeeshan Hamid, who is running for Councillor of Ward 8. His blog is and he gets my full recommendation, based on what I’ve seen and some brief online discussions.

Regarding today’s properties, there’s an unbelievable deal on Coulson (the first property)… and a really interesting one on Fourth Line.  Would you trade being beside a busy street in order to plus-size your lot by more than double the standard lot?  It will be a very interesting one.

And of course I give a much needed b*tch slap to a home with really bad staging.  Actually I thought I was pretty easy on that one, but you can be the judge.  🙂

It was a great week, and be sure to catch us back here on Monday!

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