As your faithful host, I took a little extra time to prep for this episode because I noticed a lot of recycled listings.  You know… listings that haven’t sold, so they re-list and start their “days on market” back at zero…

It seems like the perception in Milton is that properties just sell without any trouble, but the truth is that every month for the last few years, more than 30% of properties NEVER sell in Milton.  Plus, if you want to lower your chances even more, you can re-list your property at a higher price than it was at when it wasn’t selling.  Once again, we’re seeing two examples of that behaviour, which we call the “Kiss of Death”.

Oh well, moving on… today you’ll find one of the lowest priced detached homes in the new area on Clark, fresh of a $5k price drop.  Plus, we’ll show you the secret to selling a vacant home, and there’s even a home with 16 bathrooms… but not really.  It’s called proof-reading!  🙂

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