Nothing ruins the impression of a house like a crummy appliance.  We’ve said it before on the blog, but your kitchen is the most IMPORTANT room of your house when it comes time to sell.  Some people might argue that you can always replace it, but remember that’s a logical argument, and people don’t make decisions logically… they make them EMOTIONALLY and then try to back it up with logic.  Regardless, even with the budget for a new stove, Bronte looks like a killer deal at $269k.

Elmwood could be a really good one, but I didn’t see photos when I opened the link.  They will show up in the link below as soon as they’re loaded to the broker system.  Same with Hepburn… with a deep lot and 1800+ square feet for under $450k, that looks good too.

Kelman needs to show a few shots of the finished basement if they expect top dollar, and at the end of the video we’ll talk about million dollar buyers and why the financing rules have a big effect on that section of the market.