When there is a certain price record that stands within a group of homes or a condo property, it’s fair to say that you need to be BETTER than the record holder in order to beat that price… in most cases. Well, right now at the Viva Townhouses on Costigan, everybody seems to be ignoring past sales and playing a different game.

“Well, he’s doing asking for X, and I’m better than he is…” That may or may not be true… but when it comes time to justify the price, comparing yourself with another listed property doesn’t hold a candle to the actual sales history, which is MUCH less than everything currently listed at 1380 Costigan.

Which brings up an important point… on the other side of the equation, we’ve seen some buyers who measure their success by how much they knock off a price. “I got this one for $10,000 under asking price!” they’ll brag to their friends. Meanwhile, they may have overpaid because the list price was so far above reality. I can think of quite a few homes right now where if someone ONLY knocked ten grand off the price, there’s a really strong argument that they may have paid too much.

So know your comparables, and get an agent who has their finger on the pulse of the market. Do you know that there have only been about 120 or so agents that have sold more than TWO homes in Milton in the last 365 days? That’s scary, because there are about 4,000 transactions that occur each year in town.

Today’s list has eleven properties – including the nice little semi-detached on Charles Street nice and close to downtown.  The link to the entire day of properties is below, and you can see our commentary in the video. Enjoy and thanks for watching!

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