Today’s episode is dedicated to the agents who feel that good photos of a home are not a priority… and we even found a theme song, courtesy of YouTuber Jekyllandhyde54.  Who says you can’t modify a movie theme to suit your own needs?

Rare sighting of a townhouse under $300k in today’s list, although there’s a good chance that Sunday night will lead to a higher sale price.

Lots of good deals that haven’t been scooped up yet, like Millside and Finney. I’m really surprised Millside hasn’t been scooped up yet, and at this new price you can’t get better sunset views from this unit. Finney is a Cherrywood that’s priced really well … I just wish they would have invested more time in getting there photo’s up to par.

The townhouse on Herman Way is priced extremely well … even Michael Bolton can’t believe it. Plus, on the last property we’ll break out our handy ROPA 38 (Regional Official Plan Amendment 38) and show you what the future of Milton looks like to the south. Development potential? Maybe… but it’s a tricky one. Expect traffic patterns to increase on Tremaine as the Education Village and the new 401 Interchange are completed.

Final note: Don’t forget to sign up for the Milton Buyer Class tomorrow night.

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