It’s a twinsie (and triplet) day here on MDH… with competing stacked townhouses in the same complex at 1380 Costigan (Viva townhouses), and also McJannett/Challinor/Suitor are having a heated battle of the SAME FLOOR PLAN with $1,000 difference in asking prices.

My vote is for McJannett, because the view is terrific, and you have the second full washroom upstairs.  Arguably the best finishes out of the three homes, too.

A rare condo at 33 Whitmer makes an appearance, and I’m not sure how I feel about the “see through” bathtub on Sixth Line.  I don’t know about you, but the “Sea World” view is not my most flattering angle.

The basement apartment is really nicely set up on Clover Park, and most of the finishes are not bad at all, and it’s on a wide, pie-shaped lot… BUT it backs onto Derry Road and the hospital.  Other than that, it’s a pretty good house.

Stevenson STILL has crappy photos.  It has been listed multiple times.

And I may be nit-picking, but I don’t think that Reece has 1,700 square feet of finished basement space.  The home is 3,800 square feet, give or take, but the double garage is about 400 square feet, and it’s not excavated below grade.

So the math would look like this:  3,800 square feet is divided with roughly 2,100 square feet upstairs, and 1,700 square feet on the main level.  While that matches the number they quoted, I highly doubt that EVERY inch of the basement is finished.  It’s probably closer to 1,500.

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