I remember a song when I was younger called “Turn Off The Radio”, and I wonder if it applies to today’s market.  Here’s a link to an article about how Canada may be talking itself into a Housing Crisis.  Interesting.  This is one of my favourite comments, because it’s good to see the yin and yang.  I don’t know if either one gets it 100% right, but it’s good food for thought.  Here’s how I see it:  Do the media moguls sit around the table and ask how much truth they put out this month?  Nope… but I bet they ask how many viewers, sales and online views they got.  Final thought:  The defining feature of bubble markets is three years of double-digit appreciation, plus a high degree of speculative buying.  None of which is present anywhere close to us.

Moving on, there are a handful of standouts, including Duncan Lane, Babcock and McEwan.  When we look at McEwan, I’ll discuss why having a staggered garage can be the best or worst thing, depending on the buyer and what they want.  And here’s a link to another bonus article I read about a $46,000 buying mistake… pay close attention to this one.  I see this happen a LOT.  I’m meeting with the author for a mastermind on Friday – should be fun!

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