Flight Over Milton

This will be a flight we remember for a very long time.

Mohawk Raceway, the Toronto Outlet Mall and many more locations were nearly empty. Welcome to May 2020, and our latest Flight Over Milton in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic that shook the world!

In an effort to bring you our yearly view of Milton from the sky while obeying self-isolation and safety protocols, we put on face masks, we sanitized our hands, and Colin even brought out his gardening gloves for EXTRA safety.

Our pilot Dennis didn’t wear a mask, because you really don’t want your pilot’s glasses to get fogged up mid-flight. The “John Deere” airplane returned for another round, and it did NOT end up in a field… we got home safe and sound!


On this adventure, we headed due west from the Burlington Airpark over Kilbride, then headed north over Campbellville and along the 401 to see the ski hills and lake at Kelso. We looked at industrial/commercial developments north of the 401, the up-and-coming Derry Green Business Park, and the Outlet Mall.

The aerial tour finished by criss-crossing over Milton’s neighbourhoods where we saw a LOT of progress made in Ford, Cobban, Bowes and Walker neighbourhoods (together known as the Boyne survey), which will welcome more than 50,000 new residents over the next several years.

So join us as we put our lives on the line – in more ways than one – in our favourite airplane, with our favourite pilot… and of course, with your favourite hosts, who are social distancing to bring you this round of commentary.