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Daniela Cabrera

Marketing & Project Management

Phone: 905-693-9346

Email: marketing@charltonadvantage.com

My husband and I moved from Venezuela to Canada in 2014.  We started renting a basement, and made our way up to a condo apartment in Toronto. After a couple years of living in the big city, we decided to move to Milton in 2018… and it was the best decision ever made!

We are in love with this growing town and cannot wait to see all the changes and projects come together. It is definitely the place where we want to stay and let our future kids grow.

My background is in Mass Communications but I had the opportunity to work in a Real Estate brokerage a couple years ago and that awoke in me a passion for this industry I did not know I had.

Now I find happiness and success in being able to help others while they are going through one of the most important processes of their lives.  My role on the team is to launch and maintain team marketing, and to assist with the appearance of our listings by managing tradespeople and our Smart Staging department.  I’m also known within the team as a resource for social media and digital marketing.

No two days are ever the same in my schedule, but I’m always here to help our team and our clients.

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